CRB's Art Opens Doors campaign is focused on building a beautiful new state-of-the-art omanut (visual arts) building in the heart of our machane.  The new building will include large, open workshops with ample space for drawing and painting, sculpting, glass-work, crafting, ceramics, mosaics, sewing, jewelry-making, metal work, photography, paper-cutting, graphic design, woodwork, and more!  This strong and vibrant hub for creativity and beauty will give every camper the chance to engage in new forms of self-expression, reflection, and skills development.

In order to open the new omanut Building by Kayitz 2017 we need the entire CRB community to get involved!  Every camper, parent, alumna/us, grandparents, and friend of Ramah Berkshires is encouraged to join our campaign.




 Omanut by Ricki Gorman
In only a few months, Kayitz 2017 will inaugurate a brand new state of the art Omanut facility in the center of our machane. With no more shlepping to the furthest end of B-side, campers and staff will have easy access to the new Omanut Center consisting of multiple work spaces designed specifically for each specialty.  

Hofa'ah by Miriam Hertzson
I recall the first show that I saw at CRB. There was one ineffective spotlight held together by the operator as he/she tried to light up the actor on stage. With all the lights on, there were few areas that were lit on stage. Performers held corded or cordless
handheld mics that they passed to each other when they had finished saying the lines that were written on their hands.
Sets were painted paper taped to the back wall. Nothing made sense. The chanichim lay on the floor talking and
playing games until one of their friends was on stage and then would scream and drown out that chanich.
2011 began a reformation in the performing arts at CRB.  

A Reflection on Omanut by CRB Alumna Shira Grosman (Gesher ’09)
Omanut holds a unique place at Camp, tucked away at the farthest northern edge of B-side and visited by only a small portion of the Camp population. Omanut holds a unique place in my memory because it allowed me an artistic outlet during a day otherwise filled with athletics and outdoor activities. Omanut has always been a secluded and quiet space, allowing me to forget about all the hectic activity of Camp happening around me.   READ MORE

A Case for the Arts in Jewish Education by Julie Wohl
There is an old Robert Frost poem that says “good fences make good neighbors” in which two neighbors spend their time mending the walls between them. As we read, Frost guides us to wonder: just because conventional wisdom says walls and fences are good, does that make it true?  When it comes to the arts and Jewish education, I have come to think that good fences make for neighbors who are cut off from each other, who don’t work together, and are weaker for it. Since we have no cows that need to be fenced in, I find myself, prompted by Frost, thinking that perhaps we don’t need fences at all*.  READ MORE

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